Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring has finally arrived

Spring has finally shown its face and appears to be here permanently now. I have spent this morning sowing all my vegetable seeds, whether anything actually grows is another matter! It is rather shady where I planted them but until my husband gets the tiller fixed I am unable to start some veg in a more sunnier location.

Here is the list of the vegetables we gathered last year (feel free to laugh!)

3 Tomatoes
10 Lima Beans
2 Radishes
Turnip Greens
Possibly some beetroot that decided to grow over winter!

How is your spring planting going? What are you growing?


  1. i'm growing an ulcer. that's about it. my thumb is about as brown as chocolate. or browner.

  2. You wone my giveaway prize!

    Please message me through Folksy with your delivery details!

    Happy Easter

    Dottie x

  3. thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comment. As for growing veg... I always plant some tomatoes in buckets for the children to nuture and HUGE plans for a "plot" in the garden. I take it you live on a boat...I envy you so much....I lived in Ely on an old working boat for two years and loved it. Keep writing for your little blog, I would like to read more! Good luck with my givaway.
    Best regards

  4. Oh how I wish I lived on a boat (well maybe apart from the lack of space...). I meant garden tiller, which basically ploughs the soil ready for planting. I hand dug the space with veg in now and it took a week and all that effort for just a 8x10 foot and 4x6 foot area.

  5. I haven't tried growing any vegetables yet, although I'd love to. I've been having some success with my herbs and love them! Thanks for visiting my blog & entering my giveaway!